Välkommen till mitt digitala kartarkiv!

På denna sida lägger jag in kartor, banor och vägval från mina orienteringslopp.

Järladubbeln lang (2017-12-09)
Daniel and me went to the map where was held Jarladubbeln 2016. Very easy pace but I had to be very focused on my technique. There...
Night training 1 (2017-12-05)
I tested my heel to check if its still hurting. And yeah, Im still feeling pain.
Boadilla navigation (2017-11-21)
In some controls there werent bands. I didnt arrive control 10. Thought was right
10k Tres Cantos (2017-11-05)
I expected to be a flatter race than it really was. My GPS showed me 105m climb and lost signal on the way back to the running tra...
Jarosa middle rerun (2017-10-29)
A mistake on control 2. I went too much to the right hand side. I felt heavy in the end, even if I wasnt going very fast
Compass Casa de Campo (2017-10-26)
Mistake on 7th. Control 4 was misplaced.
Kartta Peña Pintada (2017-10-24)
I didnt understand nothing. Anyway, good training to run in the mountain.
Karttapalautin 'Alto del León' (2017-10-17)
Was a surprise to check that I didnt punch 'control point' between 5 and 6.
Night training (2017-10-12)
Training made by the organisation of the spanish league. Was a score mass start. I started fast and passed the first control due t...
Medeldistans Fredrika (2017-10-09)
It was nice to share this training with the boys of the gymnasion of Maria. I was glad to see a group with motivation. About my tr...
Pre- 25Manna night training (2017-10-06)
Very easy pace, talking with Daniel and discussing about life. Wasnt focused at 100% but I enjoyed this too much. Useful training ...
Pinar de las Arenas - Long legs + cp (2017-09-30)
Did this with my sister as a cooling down training. Also wanted to check how is her orienteering when navigating with only contour...
Pinar de las Arenas - Middle truchas (2017-09-30)
High intensity training. Very fun to share this training with Lazaro. He had a course shorter than me (around 500-600m less) so we...
LM Paredes (2017-09-17)
MIstakes in control 3, 7 and 14 because I didnt see the control, even if I was there. I made a mistake in control 11th because I w...
Urbasa Long (2017-06-29)
No bands too. This time I went more confident and only doubted in 5th and 8th control. The rest was fine. In my opinion, I'd say t...
Urbasa Middle (2017-06-28)
One of the trickiest trainings of the whole season. There were no bands and it was a bit dark inside the forest. I only made mista...
JWOC TC Middle Final Simulation (2017-06-16)
Just 1:15' mistakes between the controls 6th and 10th. Very nice terrain but slow one with dirty ground.
JWOC TC Long (2017-06-15)
Easy pace and just enjoying the forest (even if it was very dirt and with fallen trees).
JWOC TC Intervals (2017-06-14)
1st interval: 9:00 mins(1.5km) ...
Spanish Champs Relay (2017-04-14)
My track is a bit different from this map because I had another forking.
Spanish Champs Middle (2017-04-14)
A huge mistake on 2nd control due to wrong direction costed over 4 places and couple minutes. I also lost some time in 3rd and 20t...
Sprint - Training 2 (2017-03-29)
onsdag 29 mars 2017
Canto del Pico
El Pardo - Liga de Madrid (2017-03-25)
lördag 25 mars 2017
Escondite Nature Sport
Three mistakes en the very last three controls (yeah, also in control 100) due to tiredness.
Sprint Intervals (2017-03-23)
torsdag 23 mars 2017
Colmenar Viejo
Intense training with chasing start 15" per person.
Classic Short Middle  (2017-03-12)
Made three mistakes of 30", in the very first control, and 11th and 12th.
Training before MK (2017-03-11)
I felt quite heavy whilst running, nos many mistakes (just in 9th control) but no good speed.
Cabeza Mediana - Downhills (2017-02-22)
1st dowhnill: 9:26mins - (1.7km) ...
MadNight - Pardo (2017-02-19)
No bands and really challenging the re-entrans area.
Middle - Liga de Madrid (2017-02-11)
lördag 11 februari 2017
Dehesa de Navalvillar
Tough and challenging course with lot of climbing and slippery ground (due to rain). I did not make many mistakes but I felt ill o...
Final - Labyrinth (2017-02-09)
torsdag 9 februari 2017
Puente de Toledo
Chasing start regarding semifinal results with high level partners. Results: 1º Andreu Blanes 7:48mins; 2º Álvaro (me) 8:03 min...
Semifinal - Labyrinth (2017-02-09)
torsdag 9 februari 2017
Puente de Toledo
It was very difficulto to orienteer at high speed in this map, you had to be focused all the time.
Curva  (2017-02-08)
onsdag 8 februari 2017
Middle Navalmoral (2017-02-04)
lördag 4 februari 2017
Al Este no hay Edén
More of the same: without bands and really challenging. Anyway very special terrain
Long Navalmoral (2017-02-04)
Very difficult to spike the controls, because there were not bands so we did must be really confident.
Night O (2017-02-03)
fredag 3 februari 2017
Really slow race. Was more difficult than seemed and the ground was complicated to run. There were no bands
Loops (2017-01-18)
onsdag 18 januari 2017
Alcalá de Henares
Relocation training (2017-01-11)
I went with Rorri. I had to stop looking the map when Rorri was orienteering, then he had to take me to somewhere in the big circl...
Long - Contours (2017-01-07)
lördag 7 januari 2017
Pinar del Moro
It was a really challenging setting and there were not bands. The contours were confusing because they were much softer than we t...
PNTD Reyes - Cabeza Mediana (2017-01-04)
The bands were not located where the control description showed. I lost lot of time finding the first and sixteenth control becaus...