Välkommen till mitt digitala kartarkiv!

På denna sida lägger jag in kartor, banor och vägval från mina orienteringslopp.

Sprint Intervals - Aluche West (2018-10-08)
Really challenging map for sprint distance. You had to be very focused all the way to the finish because it was easy to make mista...
Test de la Berzosa - Mayo (2018-05-23)
Muchas jaras. Aun asi corro bien en general pese a sufrir mucho y tener un bajon fisico en la parte final. Pierdo un poco en la en...
Jarosa preCEO (2018-05-15)
Mistakes from 7th to 9th( which I didnt touch the band). I felt quite heavy and my body didnt response. Dont know why but I guess ...
Circle contours  (2018-05-09)
Mistakes on control 7th and 11th
Alto de Leones - Intermedia (2018-05-08)
Mistake of 30'' on 8th. And 1' on 14th. Felt a bit heavy because im training a lot and my body isnt recovered at all. Anyway I thi...
Cabeza Mediana downhills (2018-05-01)
At 1:15000. I hadto put bands on the second loop and in my opinion was really difficult as rocks of less than 1m are painted. I ma...
10mila training 2 (2018-04-26)
This terrain was better to run in and easier to understand. I think 10mila will be more similar to this.
10mila 2018 training 1 (2018-04-26)
Really extreme. I thought it was gonna be easier.
Navalcarbon intervals (2018-04-24)
Interesting training as we started with other two runners in mass. Made a mistake on control 2, didnt see well the open areas and ...
Swedish League #4 Lang (2018-04-14)
Not much to say about this race. Over 1h training and that´s it
Medeln Runsa (2018-04-12)
Some hesitations on controls 2, 12 and 13. There were no bands and was too fun
Intervals Täby map (2018-04-11)
First interval went bad as I didnt feel quite confident and had some hesitations because there were no bands.
Langa Pollon (2018-04-10)
KUL. Good training to get good feelings and confidence. A bit of doubt in control 11 when I didnt know where I was in the path of ...
Night Sling-OL (2018-04-09)
In my opinion very difficult as the map was old and there was much more vegetation than expected. On way to control 8 I got confus...
Medeldistans Tornskogen (2018-04-07)
Very relaxing and cool.
Grymnatta (2018-04-06)
First trianing up here in Sweden and night one. It was fun, even if it was a bit easy the course setting (for example control 6). ...
Downhill Cabeza Mediana (2018-04-05)
Tough. I did a wrong routechoice to 7th and lost over 1 minute on control 13. The rest fine but tough.
Diamond Corrales de Julia (2018-04-04)
Slow pace but good enough to get some confident after disaster spanish champs. Now my sights are on Stockholm
Spanish Champs Sprint (2018-04-01)
I was racing quite well, with solid pace and good routechoices. The problem went when I was anticipating the controls of the labry...
La Robla PreCEO (2018-03-25)
Ultimo entreno y a ritmo tranquilo para acabar con buenas sensaciones antes de la batalla del viernes. Buenas sensaciones
Spanish Champs Middle Simulation (2018-03-25)
Capa fina de nieve de 3cm y nevando. Al principio ya comienzo dudando debido que no se con seguridad qué ruta va a ser la buena a...
Pre Cabrera (2018-03-15)
I dont know why my GPS stopped over control 7. I did the training quite well. Not big mistakes and stable pace
Jarosa interval C (2018-03-13)
Much better than the previous one
Jarosa interval B (2018-03-13)
Lost GPS signal. Anyway, wasnt focused.
Altos de la solana intervals (2018-03-06)
Made a mistake on control 27th and forgot 28th until I was almost on the river when I realised it and had to go uphill. The rest f...
Middle Corrales (2018-02-24)
Mass-start with fedoboys. We were 4 men elite + 1 'semi elite Casado': Raico, Rorringi, Mr Pollon and me. In the beggining we Nogu...
PIOM Long WRE (2018-02-18)
Felt slow as the whole weekend. Anyway I realised I have lost more time than expected. -1: I was controllong almost fine everythi...
PIOM Middle (2018-02-17)
Lost GPS signal
Best training ever (2018-01-30)
As you can see, the two greatest corridor, end even better my track xD
Night diamond (2018-01-23)
I made mistakes when meeting Mr Pollon in the forest.
Control picking  (2018-01-23)
tisdag 23 januari 2018
Guardamar Sur
Night contours diamond (2018-01-22)
I laugh on Gustav Bergman. He ran 5 days ago with a 20 lumens headlamp. Well, I took it to the next level, I ran today with the to...
Night Mass start (2018-01-21)
söndag 21 januari 2018
Guardamar Sur
Completely disaster training. Huge mistakes on controls 6 and 7. The rest not very well. Didnt warm up and wasnt focused from the ...
Control picking  (2018-01-21)
söndag 21 januari 2018
Guardamar Norte
WUOC Middle (2018-01-21)
Low intensity. Anyway, many mistakes. Didnt understand quite well the mapmaking.
Night contours (2018-01-20)
Two mistakes. Lost over 4 minutes overall. The rest was fine
Long La Muela (2018-01-20)
First training of the training camp. Not pacing at high speed. But was tough anyway.
Simulated Spanish night champs (2018-01-16)
This one was one of the trikiest races/trainings I've ever done. It was expected to be at 1:10000 but finally we printed bad and w...
Corridor + cp (2018-01-16)
Not focused today. Low speed and brain mode STAMINA